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Photo Courtesy of Gonzalo Gonzalez

Originally inscribed, "Patoni Para Gobernador", this lithograph on silk was from Carlos Patoni's successful bid for Governor of the State of Durango, Mexico in 1912.

Photograph courtesy of Perla Z. Patoni.

Photo Courtesey of Marie Whitfield

Dolores Ruiz Cantu, wife of Jose Maria Patoni and mother of Carlos Patoni and her son, Carlos Patoni.  According to Marie Whitfield, this picture is dated 1866.

Genealogy of Carlos Patoni:

Juan Bautista Patoni + Mercedes Sanchez = Jose Maria Patoni

Jose Maria Patoni + Dolores Ruiz = Carlos Patoni

Carlos Patoni and Family

Photo Courtesy of Marie Whitfield

Picture Above From Left to Right:  Luis Patoni, Ing. Don Carlos Patoni, Dolores Patoni, Maria de la Luz Echavarri, Luz Patoni(Baby), Edmundo Patoni.

Birth Records of All Children of Carlos Patoni and Maria de la Luz Echávarri

Genealogical Records For Carlos Patoni
-Primary Documents-
  • Carlos Patoni died in Puebla, State of Tehuacan, Mexico on April 22, 1918 at 3:35 in the afternoon.  Carlos Patoni died of Uremia (the build up of urea in the blood stream) caused by a benign tumor of the prostate gland.   Carlos Patoni is shown as married at the time of his death.  His wife's name is not shown in this record.  The location of his death is given as Number 43 Francisco Madero Street.  In this death record, Carlos is shown as the legitimate son of  Jose Maria Patoni and Maria Ruiz de Patoni.  According to this record Carlos Patoni was buried in the first section of the Municipal Cemetery ("Panteon Municipal").  Carlos Patoni is shown as the head of the household and to be white and of racially mixed blood ("Cabecera Mestiza blanca").  The family member reporting Carlos Patoni's death was his son, Luis Patoni, who is shown as a single man and a soldier originally from Durango.  Luis Patoni's age is given as 27.  Source-This record is in Spanish.  I found this record using Family History Library microfilm #783807 that I ordered from the LDS Library in Salt Lake City Utah at a Morman Church in Katy, Texas.  This death record is on the page numbered 48 and the next page of the film #783807. You can order a copy of this film yourself at a local Morman Church near you.  They welcome non-members to use their local family history center libraries.  You do have to pay the reasonable shipping costs to have the films shipped.  It costs about $3.25 per film.  They will let you use their readers to view and copy the films.  There are reasonable fees for copies- 15 to 20 cents.  The film will be returned to Salt Lake City after a month.


Inauguration of Carlos Patoni as Governor of the State of Durango in 1912.  Carlos Patoni is the gentleman wearing the top hat.

Carlos Patoni was a Political Supporter of Francisco Madero

Here I will include some of the political correspondence written to and about Carlos Patoni by Francisco Madero.  From these letters we can conclude that Carlos Patoni was the President of the Anti-Reelection Club in Durango.  I have included the English translations of each letter.









San Pedro, Coah. March 21  10


Mr. Emilio Vazquez

Eliseo 22

Mexico City


Yesterday, we celebrated a meeting, Alameda, with close to five thousand people. Mr. Carlos Patoni was chosen president by a notable majority.


Francisco I. Madero




 Durango, Dgo. March 21 10


Mr. Carlos Patoni


My Dear Friend,


Yesterday, we celebrated a meeting before some four thousand people. Public enthusiasm was moderate and grew only due to the eloquence of my companion Mr. Estrada, because, otherwise, it seems to me that the public is rather indifferent. I believe that what is lacking here is preparatory propaganda work, since the only one who could have helped us somewhat, Mr. Borrego, has done nothing more than make the most charitable promises which have not been fulfilled in any practical manner.


Here in Durango, I believe that much can be done due to the freedom that the authorities allow, but, in order to accomplish that, it is vital that the Board of Directors be made up of good elements.


I do not believe that I achieved this result in yesterday's meeting, since I accepted only volunteers, mostly young people, who are probably swept up in a moment of enthusiasm, but who lack any real commitment. You will be able to appreciate this when you see them personally, but I think this will not be an obstacle for organizing the Board, as you see fit. We do, however, have an excellent element, don Juan Losoya, who accepted appointment as first Board member.


I spoke with him at length and we have agreed that the remaining members of the club be commissioned by me, as of now, so that they may gather signatures for the credentials that the delegate of this city must have for the Convention of the Anti Reelection Party, to be celebrated on the 15th of next month. Probably the same, don Juan Losoya shall go as delegate, or some person assigned by him.


I called a Board meeting for today and the only ones who came were Femando Vazquez, Jose Maria Solano, Juan C. Silva, and Manuel Ignacio Fierro who are not members of the Board, but who are willing to collaborate with us. 

I do not think we can count on the rest of the Board members, since they did not attend the first meeting, showing by this either indifference or fear.


I recommended to the young people in attendance that they should gather together as many signatures as possible for the credentials and that, if possible, they should form an Anti-Reelection Club which will depend on Durango's Anti-reelection Club which you preside. If this is the case, when you arrive here, you shall choose from this Club the best elements and bring them together with the rest of the people whom you can attract to the Party and who will, undoubtedly be people of more importance.


We obtained about 220 signatures yesterday which I delivered to Mr. Jose Maria Solano so that he could call all the people involved to a meeting and possibly organize the Club which I recommended.


When I proposed you as Club President, your name was greeted with applause and enthusiasm which more than proves to me that here, in your home town, they recognize your accomplishments.


I hope you can be here the following week of April for the appointment of the Convention delegate, but, if this is not possible, I hope at least that our friend Juan Losoya can be here.


I await your reply in Mexico, Berlin 21 and send my best regards.


Francisco I. Madero


P.S. I forgot to mention that don Juan Losoya did not attend today's meeting, because he had to leave urgently at 7a.m. for his hacienda, but I repeat that we do have his support.




Zacatecas, Zac. March 23 10


Mr. Emilio Vazquez

Eliseo 22.

Mexico, D. F.


My Dear Friend,


I left instructions in Torreon to have the Durango speeches delivered to you so they can be published in "The Constitutional".


If you think that Mr. Estrada's is not convenient, you may do as you wish, but, as regards mine, I do not think there will be any inconvenience, since it is in the accustomed manner. Above all, the last part is most important in which I refer to the Reform Laws. I would hope that "Rip-Rip" could comment on that statement, saying that that statement is important at this time, since I am the one most likely to become Convention candidate


and that, undoubtedly, before the convention goers notice me, I want them to know what I am like and what my program will be, at such an important moment, which demonstrates my loyalty to this respect and my desire to avoid deceiving anyone for any reason.


In Durango, we did not place a Board of Directors worth much, but I did leave some work to be organized. I do not know how we will manage this, since the government has absolutely forbidden us verification of our public meeting and, since we are not in the same conditions as Guadalajara, where we had to risk everything, I will not insist on doing the meeting here, because we must reach the Convention safe and sound.


I will see if tonight we can organize a Club, albeit with students, and tomorrow we will continue on to Aguascalientes where I hope we will face less difficulties.


I find it odd that "Mexico Nuevo" has not come out and I fear that it has stumbled on to new and unexpected difficulties.


Please do not refrain from writing me in Leon something in reference to this matter, in care of Esquivel Obregon.


Best Regards,

Francisco I. Madero


In Durango, Patoni was named President, but he is absent. When he returns to Durango, I hope he will do something.




Mexico City, May 14 10


Mr. Manuel N. Oviedo Blanco 120

Torreon, Coah.


My Dear Friend:


I received your letter of the 2nd which I read with interest.


I have taken note of everything you mentioned. Around here, the situation is getting better every day, since I can positively say that, in the highest spheres, they are alarmed at our situation and the public has become excited with our candidacies and our recent triumphs.


It is very important that you go to Durango, speak with Mr. Patoni and Juan Lozoya to see how you can activate the work being done in that Anti-Reelection Club, calling to their attention the activity being carried out throughout the Republic.


I wish you could obtain funds from the friends there for your expenses, since I cannot obtain all of them.


Talk to don Rafael Aguirre and tell him that he can see several friends there who can fund the cause. However, if it is impossible to obtain them, send this letter to Te6fila and tell her to send you $50.00 for you to travel to Durango. In Durango, it would be good for you to organize a commission to campaign all over the state. We must take advantage of the freedom we have to expand our work.


I understand that the Government is in a state of expectation and does not know how to react, so we must activate our efforts.


It is also important that you go out to Zacatecas and speak with Benito Garza who is one of our solid supporters, as well as Dr. Lorek, to see what they can do in that area.


As you well know, we have many clubs in cities around Zacatecas and we only need one in the capital city and a few others in the main cities.


I hope you can have an impact on those two states: Durango and Zacatecas.


Best regards,

Francisco I. Madero




                                                    Mexico City, May 26 10


Mr. Carlos Patoni



My Dear friend:


I wrote you a long letter and have not yet received a reply.


I would appreciate you telling me what is going on out there, since you have not shown signs of life and Durango is one of the states which is falling behind the most in the present political movement which is becoming more vigorous with every day that passes.


I intend, to travel to the border. I will arrive in Monterrey on the 5th of next month and, in the following three or four days, I will go by Torreon. Tell me if you are willing to meet with me there, to wire you exactly on the day of my arrival.


Today I will write to our dear friend Juan Lozoya.


Best Regards,

Francisco I. Madero




State Penitentiary

Monterrey, N.L. June 11 10


Mr. Carlos Patoni

Durango, Dgo.


Dear Friend:


I received your letter of the 27th of this month, which I have read with interest.


As you know, I have been arrested for political reasons, but, in spite of this, the cause continues to flourish, because I have received news that enthusiasm has grown throughout the Republic. I hope that, when you go to Durango, you can get together with our friends to see what they can do to further the cause, since we have a greater chance now than ever to triumph. It is vital to make vigorous efforts to succeed, because our situation becomes more and more intolerable.


Best Regards,

Francisco I. Madero


Note: In this last letter, we find Madero in prison but still very confident. Madero would be elected President of Mexico in October 1911. He was murdered by Huerta on February 22, 1913.

Autograph of Carlos Patoni from the Civil Birth Record of Dolores Patoni

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